Mammoth XT Pet Grooming Massage Glove Brush – Removes Hair / Cats / Dogs / Pets – BLUE

Cat Brush by Mammoth XT Information:

Choose a brush for your cat’s specific hair type.

Daily brushing or combing helps clean dirt and loose hair from your cat’s coat. It also spreads the skin’s oil through the hair, which helps the coat stay clean and shiny. Every brush or comb on the market is useful for a particular kind of coat. When you purchase a brush or comb, keep in mind your cat’s coat type. Is he long-, short- or medium-haired? Does he have a thick undercoat? Some brushes are more suitable for long or short coats, and some are useful for both. Also consider your cat’s skin type. If your cat has sensitive, or easily damaged skin, choose a brush with soft bristles.

Rubber grooming gloves are designed to remove loose hair from short coats.

The brush is applied in a circular motion, to massage loose hair out. The grooming glove is great

Product Features

  • Use this Cat Glove Brush to make your pet feel relaxed and pampered
  • Easy to use and it allows you to comb your cat’s hair and groom them at the same time
  • This is a very handy Massage Glove Brush for combing / grooming your cat
  • Use this Pet Bath Glove Brush to shampoo pet’s fur, or just to brush and remove excess hair
  • This Grooming Glove Brush is made with special design and you can wear it on your each finger to fix it

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3 Responses to Mammoth XT Pet Grooming Massage Glove Brush – Removes Hair / Cats / Dogs / Pets – BLUE

  1. Mrs. F. M. Dodd says:

    Does NOT: remove hair, even fit, requires assembly! not fit for purpose, is it a toy? – Mammoth XT pet grooming massage glove It DOES NOT do what it says on the tin – It DOES NOT remove Hair – it DOES NOT fit an adult hand, and requires assembly!1 – not very flexible,2 – difficult to put together ( requires assembley)3 – it is TINY – it barely fit on my finger tips – could not get it on my hand and I have small hands for a girl – there is no way it would fit a man – my husband could not get even his little finger in it, my 16 year old son could not get it on eitherI believe this…

  2. Chrissiehambo says:

    paws up from the cats! To give you an idea of size: my middle and index fingers are ring size O 1/2, finger next to my little finger is an N and little finger is a H and it fit absolutely fine with a bit of room to spare, but it is quite a snug fit so can see why larger guy hands could be a problem.Well I first approached Lady, and the minute I started stroking her with this glove on, she started purring her head off and rolling on her back and side for me to stroke her tummy (which she never does for the…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    cat Glove Brush.