Little Friends Cuddle Up Rat Chinchilla Igloo, Luxury Chocolate

A Luxury range of soft bedding for small animals. Multiple designs and colour variations. Super quality, very durable, great for resting,
playing and sleeping!

Product Features

  • Cuddle up rat igloo – part of the little friends range of specialist small animal toys. snuggly comfort for your little pet!
  • This item is suitable not only for rats but also for chinchillas ferrets and small guinea pigs. it is made from high quality material and is semi rigid because the sides and base are partially padded with foam. it can therefore either hang up or be used freestanding on the floor.
  • Measurements: this item measures 30cm (12″) deep x 20cm (8″) high x 18cm (7″) wide.
  • It will comfortably fit 2 ferrets or 5+ rats.
  • Please check regularly for signs of chewing and replace as necessary.

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2 Responses to Little Friends Cuddle Up Rat Chinchilla Igloo, Luxury Chocolate

  1. Cazzie says:

    Explosion! I was really impressed with this item when it arrived. It looked great and was easy to hang in the cage. I have two big male rats and they both fit comfortably inside without having to sleep ontop of each other.However…Within a week my two ratties had completely shredded out all of the foam that holds the shape and the cage was covered in foam. I couldn’t believe the mess!Since the first week however, they love it even more! They now lounge on the top as well as inside and…

  2. Interested person says:

    Ferret Favourite My ferrets love it. They have had it a month now and it looks like new: despite sleeping on it, in it, using it as a base from where they ambush each other and generally treating it rough. They quickly abandoned all other sleeping spots and this is now the centre of their sleeping and playing worlds. Compared to other ferret hammocks and tunnels I have had this is very well made and looks like it’s going to last a couple of years at least; it’s certainly one of the better – possibly the best -…