KONG SqueakAir Ball Dog Toy, Small (3-pack)

The KONG Squeakair Ball is a must-have dog toy, which combines the fun of a traditional tennis ball and a squeaker toy in a single, fetch-perfect package! The durable, high quality Squeakair ball won’t wear down your dog’s teeth thanks to its specially formulated non-abrasive felt; unlike the material on normal tennis balls.


Available in a range of sizes to suit different breeds of dog, the KONG Airdog Squeakair Ball comes in a pack of three, for months of squeaky fetch fun.

Product Features

  • Ideal toy for Dogs
  • Pet safe
  • Made in US

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3 Responses to KONG SqueakAir Ball Dog Toy, Small (3-pack)

  1. MISS. A. Hood says:

    Air Kong Squeaker Tennis Ball

  2. T. A. Natt says:

    Balls of fun.

  3. A. Aston says:

    Hours and hours of (very noisy) entertainment- Priceless! My dog LOVES her squeaker tennis balls. She literally spends hours trotting back & forth carrying them through the house, squeaking frantically as she goes. She is so obsessed with them, she retrieves them from my toy store & sleeps with them all in her bed! I have a young staffordshire bull terrier & was initially really dubious about how they would stand up to her strong jaws. Well, I have been amazed at how tough they are. It’s been 6 weeks now & they are all still in tact…