KalmAid Anxious Pet Remedy Dog Cat Anxiety 30 Tablets

KalmAid Tablets are used for the management of nervous or anxious pets. KalmAid can also be used to manage long term behavioural problems.

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  • 49g
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3 Responses to KalmAid Anxious Pet Remedy Dog Cat Anxiety 30 Tablets

  1. Do it now! says:

    Wish I had found out about these a long time ago! My dog was a rescue dog. He has been brilliant in every way except that he has a real fear of travelling in the car. He was about 3-5 when we got him and we tried everything – back, front, floor, hatch back space, harness, no harness, short trips, regular stops, windows open, sitting in car without it going….. So we only travel with him if it is for him and to his benefit. He is physically affected, panting , shaking and often standing the whole journey, he can be sick too.Over…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    i feel amazing, yeah like really chilled

  3. miss katriona m taylor says:

    Recommended to use this by our behavourist for our high …