JW Pet Company Clean Cup Feeder and Water Cup Bird Accessory, Large

Help to reduce the amount of waste food in your bird`s cage improving overall hygiene.
The clear scatterless styled hooded section on this large sized Clean Cup helps to keep food debris inside the cup, reducing mess from waste food both inside and outside of the cage. It also enables you to easily see when your bird`s food or water needs replacing/ refreshing.

Easy to clean and dry the Clean Cup food or water bowl twists in and out of the holder keeping it secure. The holder itself can be attached to either horizontal or vertical bars.

Product Features

  • Clear plastic guard keeps debris inside cage
  • Fits all bird cages
  • vertical and horizontal bars
  • Easy to remove and fill
  • easy to clean
  • Designed for a bird’s well-being
  • Suitable for African Grays, Amazons and other similar sized parrots

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3 Responses to JW Pet Company Clean Cup Feeder and Water Cup Bird Accessory, Large

  1. amanda jane kelly says:

    No good for African grey’s haven’t had them a week I bought a small one first and it was so successful that I bought the larger one too, and it won’t be the last. This is for a Parrot who thinks her drinking water is a dumping ground for everything, then jumps in to have a shower too! She then started rolling in her pellet dish sending the pellets scattering all over. I was on dishes duty all day long changing and cleaning the stainless steel dishes. Now, with these new dishes it doesn’t happen, yippee. I thought at first she would be…