JW Clean Cup – Feed or Water Bowl – Small

A scatterless styled feeding cup with a clever holder for ease of use.
This clever little feeding cup can be used for either food or water. The clear hooded section helps to keep food debris inside the cup, reducing mess from waste food both inside and outside of the cage. It also enable you to easily see when your bird`s food or water needs replacing/ refreshing.

Easy to clean and dry the Clean Cup food or water bowl twists in and out of the holder keeping it secure. The holder itself can be attached to either horizontal or vertical bars and comes with a perch so your bird can sit comfortably whilst they eat or drink.

Product Features

  • A scatterless styled feeding cup with a clever hol
  • Suitable for Budgie,Canary and Finch,Cockatiel,Conure – Small,Lovebird,Quaker,
  • Northern Parrots

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2 Responses to JW Clean Cup – Feed or Water Bowl – Small

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Peace among my Canaries, no more bickering over the seed dish I have several of these Clean Cup Feeders for my canaries and they are very handy when extras are necessary and/or for those cages that do not come with enough dishes/bowls. The small size is perfect for my canaries and would work well for finches or any very small size bird.There are two major reasons why the extra cups are required; sometimes when a cage houses a few canaries, there is one or two that feel entitled to the seed dish, and do not let any others come close to the…

  2. Cazzablanca says:

    Perfect A great drinker for the budgies – an ideal size for them. I bought this and the medium size one as was unsure which would be more suitable for the pair of feathery fiends we have and this is the better by far – easily enough water for the both of them for the day, and could probably stretch to two days, but we change the water every day so cant really say whether or not it would. I bought it as the last drinker ( a gravity fed one ) was leaking left, right and centre and making the cage smell…