JML True Touch Silicone Pet Fur Grooming Mitt Glove Massager Detangler with 5 Finger Design

If your home, and your clothes, are constantly covered in pet hairs, you know how important it is to keep your dog or cat groomed. Shedding can leave your carpets looking like you have a whole new pet lying there. True Touch is the stress-free grooming glove that you wear, so you can just stroke your pet and groom them at the same time. Loose hairs end up in the bin, not on the floor.

The specially designed True Touch grooming glove just slides onto your hand. With five separate fingers, it looks and feels like a normal glove, but the silicone surface, with its rubberized nodules, picks up hair and holds it there, eventually leaving you with a palm full of loose hair that you can simply peel off and throw away. No mess, no fuss and, most importantly of all, no stress to your furry companion.

Because it’s a flexible glove and not a rigid, steel-toothed comb, you can contour your hand to reach areas that are often neglected. Now, grooming sensitive areas can become a fun game of tickle and a thoroughly enjoyable interaction between you and your pet. Instead of chasing them around the room with a steel brush, trying to reassure them that you’re not going to hurt them, they will be coming to you to be groomed. Soon, the sight of the True Touch grooming glove will have your dog wagging its tail in excitement and your cat snuggling up for more, not running for the back door.

Use True Touch as a de-furring glove when pet hair has clung to clothes, car seats and furniture, just slide your hand in and wipe the hair right off.

When it comes to keeping your pet relaxed during grooming, True Touch is the perfect way to get a fur free house while keeping your hound happy and your kitty calm.

Product Features

  • 5 finger design
  • Pet-friendly silicone surface
  • Dogs and cats feel calm and relaxed
  • Ideal for nervous or anxious pets
  • Easily contours to reach all the difficult grooming places

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2 Responses to JML True Touch Silicone Pet Fur Grooming Mitt Glove Massager Detangler with 5 Finger Design

  1. P. Aston says:

    Reccommend this product

  2. carolanne scott says:

    My cat is alot more settled when u used this … JML True Touch Silicone Pet Grooming Glove is an excellent way of grooming my dogs as both of them find it a more relaxing experience, compared to a harder brush. This is a good way of keeping your grooming topped up as I do believe you would still need to groom your dog using a proper brush to get really deep into the hair and actually touching the skin which dogs do need to prevent knots and keeps skin healthy plus it helps to remove bits of dirt or debris which could harm the skin. Plus…