James Wellbeloved Dog Food Light Turkey and Rice Dry Mix 12.5 kg

James Wellbeloved Kibble Light Turkey And Rice is a wholesome, natural hypo-allergenic dog food. Helps loose bowels and calms itchy, irritated skin and coat.

Product Features

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No unhealthy additives
  • Full of natural goodness
  • Contains nourishing white fish and brown rice
  • Dietetic feed

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3 Responses to James Wellbeloved Dog Food Light Turkey and Rice Dry Mix 12.5 kg

  1. Jenny says:

    Brilliant Food Our beloved Doberman needed to loose a few pounds so we switched to James Wellbeloved Light food and increased his exercise to see if it would help. Well it has definitely done the job – he’s dropped 11 kilos and is back in the ideal weight range and looks amazing! The weight started dropping within the first week. He used to be bloated and suffered with smelly wind but not any more. The ingredients don’t contain additives and the transition didn’t give him an upset stomach – in fact his mess…

  2. gingerjasper says:

    Yummy! According to our dog! Our 12 year-old Labrador has been on this brand for several years now. Previously she was being fed a far more expensive brand which she had been fed on from being a working guide dog puppy. The change was quite beneficial to her general well-being and she devours each bowlful – every meal! As an older, female Labrador, she has not gained any excessive weight and our vet is more than pleased with her overall medical condition whenever she pays a visit for general checkups. A really good dog…

  3. Peter T. says:

    We previosuly used Bakers or the like and she lacked energy and put on weight