Indorex Flea Spray

Indorex Household Flea Spray represents a modern method to combat flea infestations. The Household Flea Spray contains a combination of 3 ingredients. Permethrin, an iseciticide which will qucikly and effectively kill adult fleas in your pets environment. Piperonyl Butoxde reinforces the activity of the Permethrin. Priproxyfen is a long lasting Insect Growth Regulator which prevents Flea Eggs and Larvae from developing into adults. The 3 ingredients break the Flea Life cycle and provide continuous protection for up to 12 months.

Product Features

  • Kills fleas and lice inside your home
  • Safe for both pets and humans
  • One treatment lasts 6 months

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2 Responses to Indorex Flea Spray

  1. AC says:

    The thing that finally worked! I suspected I had cat fleas in my house, and by the time I was sure it was too late. I have one cat, and a very clean house, but the fleas were a nightmare to get rid of. I tried Bob Martins Spot On on the cat and flea powder and sprays around the house, but to no avail. They would seem to be gone for a few days then appear again. This went on for months and was extremely frustrating.I finally solved it by putting Frontline on the cat, and spraying the whole house with Indorex…

  2. PPS076 says:

    Highly Recomended Reason for buying:I decided to buy this product because I had tried several different flea control methods which were ineffective (Frontline, Spot On, Advocate, Flea powders and flea collars).Product description:The product contains 3 different chemicals which are effective at killing all life stages of fleas which are Adults, Fleas, Larvae and Eggs.Where do the fleas hide?:The fleas are found all over your home, especially near your pet and in the…