Hills J/D Reduced Calorie Canine Prescription Diet 12 Kg

Hills Prescription Diet jd Dry Reduced Calorie 4kg, 12kg


Dog food to aid the mobility of dogs suffering from stiff joints or arthritis. Clinically proven to improve a dogs mobility in 3 weeks with the right balance of healthy nutrients and special omega-3 oils. Hills Prescription Diet jd contains EPA, a special omega-3 fatty acid along with glucosamine and chondrotin sulphate to aid your dogs joint cartilage, improving your dogs mobility. Consultation with your vet for information and guidance on what is best for your dog is advised.

Product Features

  • Contains a number of clinically proven nutrients, which will help to improve mobility.
  • Improves ability to run, walk, and jump.
  • A source of omega 2 to help nourish damaged cartilage.
  • Has a controlled calorie content to help maintain ideal weight, and prevent stress on joints.

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