Happy Pet Under The Sea Parrot Toy Small

Brightly coloured parrot toy to stimulate all the senses and keep birds happy all day long. Durable and hygienic. Material: Plastic. Size (approx): Large- 23cm long and 12cm wide. Please note that this product comes in assorted colours, you will receive a random colour.

Product Features

  • Approx 18cm long and bell approx 10cm across
  • Durable and Hygenic
  • Eliminates boredom

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2 Responses to Happy Pet Under The Sea Parrot Toy Small

  1. yoshi says:

    parrot loved it

  2. Stephw91 says:

    very good The comments are very correct, this toy has a lovely vanilla smell to it. I can’t stop sniffing it, haha. My budgie wont go near it just yet, but he’s always been very frightened of new things(I got him from a previous home that didn’t seem to bother much with him or giving him new things). I’m sure eventually he’ll grow to it, but it’ll take time. I don’t want to push it on him. It’s got a label on it saying that you should keep your pet under super vision while your bird plays with it, which…