Happy Pet Rope Ball 3.25″

Made from a solid strong non-toxic rubber ball and heavy duty rope

Product Features

  • Great for teeth and gums
  • Durable
  • Colours Vary
  • Size 3.25″

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3 Responses to Happy Pet Rope Ball 3.25″

  1. Kev Haslam says:

    A proper tough dog toy. Our dog will only chase a ball if it is attached to a rope. Why, I don’t know, that’s just how it is. She is a staffie and we got through lots of toys trying to find one the she would play with and would last more than ten minutes! This toy is very tough, and the rubber ball is almost solid so very durable. The rope is a good length to use as a swing to get some distance when thrown. For the price, this is a great dog toy for dogs that are stronger and rougher. It is quite heavy being almost…