Happy Pet Rope Ball 2.5″ Floater

This ever-popular tough toy is perfect for dogs who insist on chewing whilst playing fetch or tug! With an attractive braid threaded through a solidly constructed ball, made from a special floating compound this toy is ideal for throw and fetch games in the water and on dry land.Features:

  • Solid tough chew ball
  • Floating compound great for retrival fun in the water
  • Strong rope braid perfect for throwing

Small studded ball measures approx 2″ diameter.Large ball measures approx 2.5″ diameter.

Product Features

  • Great for teeth and gums
  • Durable
  • Colours Vary
  • Size 2.5″
  • Floats on water

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2 Responses to Happy Pet Rope Ball 2.5″ Floater

  1. Doting Nannie says:

    Brilliant floating ball-rope is sometimes a let down. -update now all lost their ropes! Have bought many of these over the years – had to replace not because they wear down or perish -just that my lab is so daft that if she drops it in our local river and it floats off she then can’t find it!! Only complaint I do have is that a few times the rope has failed, in as much as the little piece of rubber over the join moves and the rope is only glued together underneath and this then comes apart. But all in all I am just happy to have a floating ball rather than it sinking in the…

  2. D E. says:

    Does not float, wrongly named As it’s called the ‘floater’, you’d think it would float? NOPEShould be called ‘the sinker’I bought it to play fetch in the river, first throw, into the water, woth in seconds it had submerged so my dog couldn’t see it as she swam, with in ten seconds completely sunk.What a waste of moneyIf your looking for a land based toy it’s probably great,would have been nice to find out.If like me you think the name means it’s make a great toy for playing in the…