Halo Microchip Scanner, White

The innovative Halo microchip scanner, available for purchase here at VioVet online pet store, has revolutionised the system of canine and feline identification. Unlike various competitors, this unique scanner is fully rechargeable via USB for your convenience and operates within a 120 cm radius of a microchip. The lightweight, ergonomically designed scanner is practical for travel; having your own system to identify your dog or cat is useful when returning from abroad, as if your dog cannot be identified otherwise, it is likely to be quarantined. The Halo scanner is installed with automatic technology for recognising the unique microchip of an animal, immediately identifying if it has been registered as missing, helping to return it to its rightful owner. The Halo comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. …

Product Features

  • Stores lost pets chip numbers
  • Alerts the user that a pet is missing
  • Rechargeable by plugging into a pc
  • Reads most microchips in pets, dogs, cats

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3 Responses to Halo Microchip Scanner, White

  1. Chris says:

    Excellent microchip scanner I work in a reptile shop, and we have recently begun stocking tortoises such as Hermann’s and Marginated. Each of these is now microchipped and supplied with individual CITES paperwork, so obviously we needed to ensure we were selling the right tortoise with the right paperwork. It comes with software that only works for Windows, so that is worth noting, and then requires three hours to charge the first time you use it. After that it is very simple to use. I scanned and identified a dozen…

  2. jacqui says:


  3. Omar Bragstad says:

    Can you afford not to have one? At the current exchange rate this £45 Halo Microchip scanner (in white) cost us roughly NOK600,- incl shipping/VAT (moms/mva in Norwegian; thanks to Amazon btw, for having this prepaid VAT/Customs solution with no additional fees) when ordered with some other stuff. It’s super quick on a short-haired cat… a bit slower on a long haired cat (as I guess you naturally will hold it at a slight longer distance from the cat than with a short-haired cat). It’s still fast, and the beep the scanner…