Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies in Gravy, 96 x 85 g

Product Features

  • Contains variety of recipes with salmon, tuna, plaice and whitefish, all combined with shrimps
  • Recipes provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition
  • An assortment of tasty fish recipes for a varied diet
  • 85 g wet cat food pouches provide convenience at every mealtime
  • Packed with combination of vitamins and minerals to keep your cat healthy

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2 Responses to Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies in Gravy, 96 x 85 g

  1. Celticprincess says:

    My cats love it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wanted to give my 3 cats a treat so bought them some Gourmet Perle Chefs selection. They all wolfed their dinner down without stopping, so appears a total win with my gang. I do like to give them different foods every now and again as one of my cats is particularly fussy and after a few weeks cuts down his eating in protest at his boredom with the same food. Glad I found another quality cat food that he loves! All three of my cats loved it and ate every mouthful, so happy to recommend this…