Gourmet Perle Country Medley in Jelly, 96 x 85 g

Product Features

  • Contains variety of recipes in jelly with turkey, trout, duck and game
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats
  • Variety of recipes with high quality ingredients, gently cooked and served in jelly
  • Served in 85 g pouches to keep every meal fresh and convenient
  • Carefully cooked to retain maximum flavour

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2 Responses to Gourmet Perle Country Medley in Jelly, 96 x 85 g

  1. GC says:

    Great value and good quality food! I ordered a couple of boxes of this bulk Gourmet on Prime day, taking advantage of the excellent discount which meant that it worked out at being around £2.90 for an equivalent normal box of 12 packets. Which is a pretty good saving from buying it in the supermarket. I find it’s worth keeping an eye on the prices on Amazon as they do go up and down quite regularly.We have a classic fussy pair of cats – a 2 year old and a senior. The old fella loves to be fussy with his food and it…

  2. Highlight says:

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND ‘GOURMET’ CAT FOOD My beautiful Siamese cats adore their Gourmet. Real Fish & Meat in large natural chunks in a juicy sauce. A good amount in each sachie (unlike some) smells quite nice (for a change) A good variety. I keep a months supply on ‘Amazon Monthly Order’ so I do not need to carry the heavy boxes which are delivered straight into my kitchen. Comes with a good selection from Fish to Meat or they do a good Mixed variety. Contains vegatables like carrot tommies & peas which luckily both mine like to eat…