Gor Pets Hooded Luxury Cat Bed Igloo – Large (Coral Weave)

Hooded cat bed provides extreme comfort and security to cats and are designed to meet their instinct to curl up in tight spots. This hooded cat bed is hand finished in a luxurious rope. Hooded cat bed make an ideal little home for your cat to snuggle. This hooded cat bed is available in 3 colours (RED/CREAM FLEECE, BROWN SUEDE and BEIGE SUEDE) and 3 following sizes Small – W 13″, D 11″, H 11″ Medium – W 16″, D 14″, H 14″ Large – W 19″, D 16″, H 16″

Product Features

  • Luxury cat bed igloo, hand finished with a braided edge
  • Made from fire retardant foam
  • This comfy cat cave is the perfect place for your cat to take time out
  • 100% washable at 40 degrees
  • Highly durable and resistant

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3 Responses to Gor Pets Hooded Luxury Cat Bed Igloo – Large (Coral Weave)

  1. J. Kibble says:

    Brilliant cat bed This is a super bed – well made and cosy and delivery was very efficient.I bought it tentatively as no cat I have known has used a pet bed but this super igloo was an instant success. My cat just walked in and snuggled down contentedly and seems to enjoy having his own special place. In a draughty old house it is a great place to keep warm and gives a sense of security. It is washable (machine) but have not tried that yet.It is quite large so most cats would probably be fine with…

  2. C. Spinks says:

    Super Little Indoor Igloo

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cat loves it I bought this bed for my cat who is fussy as anything. He is a Maine Coon boy so he’s quite large. The bed is his fav place to sleep in. He started using it as soon as I opened it up. The material is strong and durable and it’s easy to carry and looks good on my landing. The only thing I feel is lacking is the thickness of the padding inside. It’s not quite soft and padded enough for a large cat to be comfy so I’ve had to pad it out with extra pet blankets. Overall it’s a good buy.. The red…