Good Boy Medium Chomp Stix 125mm, Pack of 100

Good Boy Chomp Sticks are chewy rawhide twists which give your dog a chewy treat, whilst promoting healthy teeth and gums. This pack of 100 Chomp Stix will keep your dog chewing for months, whilst saving you money in the long-term.


Each rawhide twist measures 12.5cm x 7-8mm

Product Features

  • Feed as a treat, reward or training aid
  • Highly Palatable
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar

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2 Responses to Good Boy Medium Chomp Stix 125mm, Pack of 100

  1. Prlo58 says:

    Keeps our puppy going for a while! These chews have been great – our 3.5 month old puppy loves them (he first got introduced to them in puppy class and they kept him quiet for ages!). It is a also a bonus that they don’t smell … unlike all the other food he usually goes for!—Update: our (now 4.5month) puppy seems to have grown bored with these. He is a rather fussy pup anyway so we’ll give them a break for a while. I do wonder if they have lost some of their flavour as the packet has been open for several…

  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Regular purchase for my two Beagles As good as anything I’ve bought from the pet shop or supermarket but considerably cheaper. I ended up trying these twisted chews because one of my Beags has had choking incidents with other styles. I’m now on my 8th pack – not a single choking incident. The only drawback with them is that my Beagles have become very proficient at consuming them. My boy can now finish one off in under two minutes. But to be fair not much can stand up to an enthusiastic Beagle!Just take care which…