Good Boy Large Chewy Braid Dog Treats

Product Features

  • Product code 05640
  • Rawhide and beef flavoured chew
  • Ideal treat for your dog
  • Only 2% fat
  • Case includes 14 x large chewy braids

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2 Responses to Good Boy Large Chewy Braid Dog Treats

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am SO disappointed that these are the smallest chews in this product range. The idea is a good one – mix rawhide and meat and twist them together. They are not the only ones to do this but the “meaty” bit appears to be very tasty and motivating to my pooches. However my dogs are small about 5 kilos each and these “small” chews are shorter than the medium and large sizes, but they have the same width/circumference and leave very large pieces of rawhide that more often than…