GHB Dog Grooming Scissors Thinning Scissors for Dogs 5-Piece

The Use of the Grooming Scissors Set:

Straight Grooming Scissors: They can be used for all types of grooming needs, from quick touch-up trimming to prep work for a larger job. Used for finishing, shaping, and patterning, the versatility of these scissors makes them an indispensable tool for pet owners.

Thinning Scissors:Thinning scissors are used to thin out hair on a thick coat. They have one fine-toothed blade and one cutting blade, so if used to snip through the dog’s hair, they will only remove some of the hair, thinning it out, rather than cutting it away. They can also be used to blend different lengths of fur on the coat unlike a straight scissors which will leave a defined edge.

Curved Scissors: These scissors are curved slightly towards the tip of the scissors. They are needed to easily trim and shape the fur around the contour of the dog’s body.

Metal Dog Comb: For combing out tangles and knots

Product Features

  • 5-Piece Dog Grooming Scissors Set including 7.0″ Cutting Scissors, 6.0″ Thinning Scissors, 7.0″ Up-curved scissors, 7.0″ Down-curved scissors and Comb (19 × 4.2 cm). Cleaning cloth is also included.
  • Grooming Scissors with Stainless Steel which are strong, durable and easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic design features a rounded grip with removable plastic cover and a small rubber knob between the handles to dampen the sound of the scissors handle hitting each other. It’s comfortable and easy for you to handle it in the grooming process.
  • Sharp and Smooth Blade allow you to cut your dog hair Effortlessly and Smoothly. It would be a great helper for you in the grooming process.
  • 5-Piece Dog Grooming Scissors Set from GHB suits all your dogs’ grooming needs. Get one now! And you would have our lifetime warranty.

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3 Responses to GHB Dog Grooming Scissors Thinning Scissors for Dogs 5-Piece

  1. Airgunsmith says:

    Ghb scissors

  2. Anna Mm says:

    Absolutely recommended

  3. Triplet Dad says:

    Don’t buy pointed buy these. After dismissing a set of cordless clippers due to my dogs long coat and not wanting him to look like the sheepdog from the Specsavers advert I settled on this set of scissors.Ok so scissors seemed to be an easy decision to make, but most available have not only razor sharp blades but also extremely sharp tips. Why anybody would buy something to use on an unpredictable beastie that could easily blind or maim it,or themselves beggars belief. Not many options with rounded tips. So to…