Friends On Tour Transport Bag for Birds

space-saving storage
removable base
Measures 27 × 32 × 27 cm

Product Features

  • nylon
  • ideal for carrying the pet to the vet
  • removable wooden perch with sturdy screw fastening
  • with net inserts for good air circulation
  • with side pocket

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3 Responses to Friends On Tour Transport Bag for Birds

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    This is excellent, even my grey Africa parrot can fit in …

  2. JQ says:

    Summer Cockatiel Fun

  3. Anonymous says:

    I originally bought a comparatively expensive metal carry cage for my cockatiel, complete with food & water dishes etc. It turned out to be massive, timely to setup, heavy & cumbersome to transport. It was less a carry cage, and more of a foldable mobile home with a carry handle. Something you would perhaps house a caique in if you were regularly moving from studio apartment to studio apartment.I therefore reevaluated the options on the market, and it was either this, or a…