Feliway Refill 48 ml (Packaging may vary)

Product Features

  • Scientifically proven – Over 13 published studies showing efficacy
  • Trusted – used by vets, charities and behaviourists
  • Easy to use – no daily administration required
  • Species specific – no effect on humans or other pets
  • Refill only

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2 Responses to Feliway Refill 48 ml (Packaging may vary)

  1. The Truth says:

    Burglars, Cat Poo, Sweet Dreams & Savings After a recent break-in one of my two cats started acting a bit schizt and developed behavioural problem – no doubt due to stress. He started constantly meowing and prowling around, back and forth, like a caged bear sent crazy in a Chinese or Eastern European zoo.He also started defecating on the floor around the house which, as well as being gross, was pretty embarrassing when I had friends round. This is called ‘middening’ and is a sign your cat is uneasy in its home. Basically…

  2. Questioner says:

    Suspect fraud for sale We purchased two bottles from Manivella and noticed that the contents of the bottles and the label were different – and the one bottled lasted barely a week! We still have the other bottle and now do not believe this item to be the real thing. Be careful people…. this is doesn’t look the same, doesn’t last the same…so likely is not the same. I have added pictures of the differences. The slightly yellow bottle we go early last year since we only use it when the cat will be left alone…