“Farmland Bird Conservation Blend” Premium No Mess (No Wheat) Nutritious Bird Food Mix, 12.75Kg Extra Strong Bag

Each of the ingredients in our premium blends has been carefully chosen to provide the very best nutrition for a wide range of garden birds. There are no fillers, such as wheat, thus reducing waste and providing exactly what your garden birds need to be in the best condition throughout the year. Conserving Farmland Birds Populations of farmland birds have declined sharply in recent decades as a consequence of habitat loss and agricultural intensification. Many of the most familiar farmland bird species have declined in range and number including Yellowhammers, Tree Sparrows, Reed Buntings and Corn Buntings. Our Farmland Bird Conservation Blend contains many seeds, grains, insects and fruits that farmland bird species will benefit from, particularly throughout winter when they often appear at garden bird feeders. Help support the wildlife in your garden with the National Trust’s Range of bird food and seeds. By purchasing high quality National Trust products you are helping restore and preserve Britains most historic and beautiful areas.

Product Features

  • Exceptional Nutritional Values
  • No Wheat or Fillers
  • Seeds, Grains and Insects Designed to Help Farmland Bird Conservation
  • Contains – Safflower, Sunflower Hearts, Red Millet, Red Dari, Naked Oats, Rolled Oats, Black Sunflowers, Kibbled Peanuts, Real Sunflower Suet Pellets, Real Nut Suet Pellets, Almonds, Walnuts
  • Part of the Highest Quality Seed Mix Range on the Market (National Trust Premium)

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