Fancy Feeds Layers Pellets 20 Kg

Fancy Feeds Layers’ Pellets – 20kg

Product Features

  • Ideal for free ranging and penned birds
  • Formulated to provide a complete balanced diet
  • Suitable for all types of adult and laying poultry
  • Suitable for ducks, geese and bantams
  • Non GM ingredients and medication free

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3 Responses to Fancy Feeds Layers Pellets 20 Kg

  1. mistykitty says:

    Brilliant good quality product.

  2. Amelialegbar 💗 says:

    HENTASTIC 2 FANCY FEED LAYERS PELLETSI have kept hens for approximately 15 years and in all this time I have tried many many different feeds for my girls with varying results, and have tried many different methods of acquiring my feed.Online usually the cost of delivery is exorbitant or you have to purchase a shed load to receive free delivery, which is just too much feed for my small flock of hens, bearing in mind the feeds best before date is usually only a few months away…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am an owner of eight Chickens and two Ducks. I have just rescued five battery Chickens and needed a high quality food to help bring them up to full strength.The food arrived in a double thickness paper 20 Kg bag, the pellets are a little smaller than I am used to but the quality is good with none of the usual dust and smashed up/crushed pellets.My girls seemed impressed and I am confident that they will continue to thrive and start producing nice deep yellow yoked eggs. 5 Stars so…