Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts, 25 kg

Product Features

  • High grade standard peanut
  • Contains vital protein for the wild birds
  • Ideal for winter time when natural food hard to forage

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2 Responses to Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts, 25 kg

  1. sandra.m. says:

    Birds cant get enough!!! This tub of no wheat wild bird seed is excellent, I live in a rural home &i have pheasants which i feed & i have also just purchased a large bird feeder, i was surprisedat just how many finches & blue tits it attracted.. all the little birds & the20 pheasants i have visiting my garden just cannot get enough of this seed,well worth the money & the tub is great for keeping xmas lights in or nuts andbolts once it is empty. arrived quickly too. One thing i will have…

  2. LakelandLass says:

    Great Bird Food…………. This is the best bird food I have found. More and more people are realising the importance of feeding our wild birds (whose population, on the whole, is decreasing at a frightening rate) and I feed them the whole year round and not just in the colder months. After all, they expend a lot of energy in the warmer months, nest building and feeding their young and therefore need to find a easy source of nutrition. I used to buy less expensive brands but found a large percentage of it was bulked up…