Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts, 12.75 kg

Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts help our feathered friends maintain a regular source of vital protein the whole year round but most importantly, during winter when natural food is hard to forage. Pre-packed in 500g, 1kg or 2kg bags.

Product Features

  • High grade standard peanut
  • Contains vital protein for the wild birds
  • Ideal for winter time when natural food hard to forage

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2 Responses to Extra Select Wild Bird Peanuts, 12.75 kg

  1. C. Keys says:

    Poor mix for the price I was pleased to find this on amazon with many 5* reviews, as I have bought nyger/niger seed in the past, and know it has to be just right for finches to come. I also bought a new perforated feeder, which is essential with this tiny seed.The bag arrives within a cardboard box. Once this strong plastic sack is opened, there is a real danger of all the seed slipping out allover the place if the bag is knocked over, I have tied the top up, but it is something to take care with. The…

  2. Ric_Shaw says:

    Good Quality Bird food.