Extra Select Standard Wild Bird Food, 20 Kg

Our Extra Select standard wild bird food has been specifically developed using a mixture of seeds to offer the correct nutritional values, all wrapped up in one type of feed. With a high proportion of black sunflower and free of cheap fillers, sometimes present in other brands of bird feed, this food will attract a wide variety of birds from sparrows to dunnocks. Best fed from a feeder or bird table. Composition: wheat, black sunflower, red dari, cut maize, white millet, kibbled split peas, vegetable oil.

Product Features

  • Specifically developed using a mixture of seeds
  • High proportion of black sunflower
  • Free of fillers
  • Attract wide variety of wild birds

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2 Responses to Extra Select Standard Wild Bird Food, 20 Kg

  1. yampycat says:

    Shame about the waste

  2. Jen says:

    Lots of wheat = lots of mess! :-/ There was an awful lot of wheat in this, I was finding, where as with higher grade seed mixes I am left with empty tables, I am often left with some wheat not just at the end of the day but when I returned to refill in the morning.I’m also finding the sparrows and starlings are throwing a lot of the wheat onto the floor, messy, unhygienic and a draw for pests.luckily I do mix my seed with other things such as suet nibbles, dried mealworms etc. so it’s not as bad as it…