Extra Select High Energy Suet Pellets Berry Tub, 3 kg

Product Features

  • High energy bird food pellets
  • Perfect for feeding all year round
  • Contains suet and wheat
  • Contains peanut flour
  • Contains berry flavour

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3 Responses to Extra Select High Energy Suet Pellets Berry Tub, 3 kg

  1. Trev-R says:

    Gone in minutes !

  2. Anonymous says:

    I fill my feeders daily and the suet pellets are always the first to go, usually amidst a lot of bickering over which birds get first go on the feeders. Definitely a popular food. In my garden it attracts blue tits, goldfinch, sparrows and my dog, who enjoys the bits that fall on the ground. It’s great value from amazon too, for quite a big pack. The downside is it goes soggy and slimy in the rain. I’d been using mesh feeders and having to throw loads of suet pellets away when it rained because…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bought all three of the suet pellet varieties on offer – fruit, berry and insect – and to my disappointment the numerous birds which normally eat them almost as fast as I can put them out, are getting through them much less enthusiastically. I presume therefore that they think these pellets are not as good as their normal pellets which previously were bought elsewhere. Not only that, but these pellets are very powdery and leave the feeders coated in a layer of this powder which means the…