Easy Use Small Animal Claw Scissors Guinea Bird 2373

Claw/Nail Scissors for Cats, Small Dogs & Small Animals.
– For cutting claws/nails
– Rust-proof steel blades
– non-slip handles
Regularly cut claws or nails are very important for good pet care and more pleasant for you and your pet. If your pet has light coloured claws, only cut the transparent tips. If your pet has dark claws, please contact your pet groomer or veterinarian for advice.

Product Features

  • Rust-Proof steel blades
  • Non-slip handles
  • Cutting claws/nails
  • Best Seller for many years

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  2. Katfishh says:

    Great value cat clipper Great little cat clipper.Cat didn’t like it much and had to be pinned down by two people whilst I was protected with a long canvas jacket and thick gardening gloves.Clipping a cat’s claws is a dangerous business. Make sure you have covered all exits by closing and blocking doorways (and chimmneys)and wrap cat in towel except for paw to be clipped for maximum humans safety. I also take the precaution of covering her head with a little dark coloured towel to try to calm…