E-Cloth for Pets Grooming Mitt


E-Cloth for Pets Grooming Mitt 205871

The dual-sided Grooming Mitt removes dirt, dust and loose hair.

It also gently massages your pet’s coat, for a glossy sheen and a happy hound.

The light coloured side features longer, stiffer, mono filament fibres, which gently but effectively
brush out loose hair and debris, while gently combing the coat.

The darker coloured side removes surface debris and hair leaving the coat with a rich, lustrous sheen.

Simple to use

With the lighter coloured side, gently but firmly stroke your pet all over in the direction of the fur growth.

Then use the darker coloured side to remove loosened hair and other debris, to produce a beautiful sheen.


Product Features

  • Dual Sided – Light Coloured Side Combs – Darker Side Grooms And Finishes
  • Unique Mono-Filament Fibres Gently Massage
  • Removes Dirt & Grime
  • Perfect For Cats And Dogs

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