Curver Petlife Dog Food Container, 12 Kg/ 35 Litre Capacity

As a member of your family, your pet deserves the best. Designed specifically for dog! advantages: • The double lid system makes life easier: to pour a large food bag cover and the other for daily use • Sealing preserves food, preventing air circulation within the container thereby keeping food fresh and retaining all the vitamins, plus sealing system prevents the escape of odors preventing its animals are attracted by the smell. • Comes with an accessory to easily dispense food • The 20kg and 12kg carry wheels for easy movement

Product Features

  • 35Ltr capacity dog food container
  • Hermetically sealed to keep food fresher for longer
  • Wheels for mobility
  • Includes a scoop to measure portions
  • Images moulded into the container

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2 Responses to Curver Petlife Dog Food Container, 12 Kg/ 35 Litre Capacity

  1. E White says:

    We`ve Managed To Fit “15KG`s Into Our 12GK Container! Delivery:Item arrived within the time period stated by amazon via email,the food container& scope were all in perfect condition.I can see where some people may receiveitems damaged if they have not been handled carefully(by the courier)as this is madeof(hard)plastic. ********NOTE******** This following review is for the 12gk container only!Curver Petlife Food Container 12 Kg/ 35 Litre CapacityThe curver petlife food container is made…

  2. Naomi Farquhar says:

    Well designed, great quality and attractive product