It is easy to use this harness and the padded sherpa sleeves are designed for comfort. Elastic webbinhg and mesh cover the dogs chest and allows free movement. Adjustable shoulder straps and sliding security lock ensure a simple fit. Halti Size Guide Medium: Neck Circumference 30-43

Product Features

  • The Non-Pull Harness is an instant solution for dogs that pull when walked.
  • The elastic webbing and the padded “Sherpa sleeves” provide additional comfort for the dog.
  • Easy to Use and simple to fit
  • Can be left on the dog whilst exercising
  • The Non-Pull Harness is available in three different sizes – Small, Medium & Large – to cater for virtually any size and breed of dog.

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3 Responses to COA NON-PULL HARNESS BLACK Medium

  1. Paula says:

    Transformation! I would like to tell you a story. I bought this harness on the strength of the other reviews. My head strong Spaniel usually drags me towards trees, lamposts, brick walls, parked cars and he is also usually ten steps ahead of me, with me jerking at his slip lead, yelling “heel”, getting hot and bothered and thoroughly cheesed off. Dear reader, the harness arrived yesterday. We slipped it on. No fuss. I clipped on the lead. Still no fuss. I left the house, partner watching me. I turned after a…

  2. Rev DTG says:

    My vet recommended this particular marvel and it’s worked perfectly This harness has been a saving grace when training my new puppy to heal on lead. It supports the dog around the chest and neck and discourages the dog from pulling each time they are tempted to pull forward. Until I introduced this miracle worker my pup was straining at the neck each time I took her for a walk, and no amount of training seemed to relieve her tendandcy to pull. My vet recommended this particular marvel and it’s worked perfectly. The pup has already outgrown her small version,…

  3. Steven Brough says:

    NON PULL DOG HARNESS – COMPANY OF ANIMALS I have a 40KG German Shepherd, who is 15 months old. He had a diificult start in life, being taken from his mother too early, changing owner at 4 months and moving home several times, including to a different continent. He has become a very strong willed and difficult dog, although still very loveable. As a result, it has not been easy to control or train him and his pulling on the lead during walks is excessive.I bought the harness on the reccommendation of a friend, but when it…