Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 800grm

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is an award winning product that is loved by koi keepers everywhere.

The blend of enzymes and minerals is designed to combat blanket weed while still being safe for your fish, plants and biological filtration. Simple to use, just add the powder to a watering can full of pond water and sprinkle over the surface of the pond. No need to turn off your UVC during treatment. One dose is usually enough.

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 800g.

  • Each comes with one scoop. 1 level scoop treats 285 litres.
  • 800g treats ponds up to 10,000 litres

Product Features

  • Each comes with one scoop. 1 level scoop treats 285 litres
  • 800 gram bottle will treat ponds up to 10,000 Litres
  • 100% safe for fish and plants
  • Gets to work immediately
  • Help filters remain cleaner for longer

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3 Responses to Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 800grm

  1. BBG says:

    Cloverleaf – Blanket weed cure – BUY ITY!! Been having dreadful trouble with masses of blanketweed in my cascading half whisky barrel water feature (one smaller barrel cascades into a very large half barrel – total capacity about 450ltrs/90 galls). Fish not happy and I’ve had to pick out loads of BW every days now for months. I’ve tried barley straw – waste of time. and picking it out is doing my head in.Got the Cloverleaf on Saturday, put 2 scoops into a watering can and sprinkled it on both barrels late morning. To start…

  2. Bearman says:

    Has this product changed? – updated review Up until this year, I thought this product was fantastic. I have been using it for 5 or 6 years in my pond with excellent results. Early in the spring (every year) I notice that blanket week is starting to appear. A single application of about 250g has been sufficient to get rid of it in under a week.This year, I noticed the blanket weed coming back, and having run out of the Cloverleaf product, I ordered some more and applied it as usual. It had a minimal effect. So a week later I…

  3. Busby says:

    A blanket weed treatment that actually works! Both my 8000 litre Koi pond and 2000 litre wildlife pond were totally choked with the dreaded blanket weed. I was literally spending hours every week pulling clumps of it out and declogging the filter, pump and waterfalls every couple of days. So in desperation I tried this product having read the positive reviews. The 800g tub was sufficient to treat both ponds.Initially the water turns milky white but this settles down after a day or 2. Not much happened to the blanket weed for…