Chudley’s Classic Dry Mix 15 kg

Chudleys Classic offers all the experience of Original, but in a crunchy extruded format. Chudleys Classic is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the working and sporting dog, and can also be fed during periods of rest or reduced work. Now containing extra chicken, Chudleys Classic is coated in a delicious savoury flavour for additional palatability and taste. Chudleys Classic now has an improved coat condition formula, which will help ensure that your dog’s skin and coat will stay healthy. 15kg Zero rated for VAT. Available in 2.5kg and 15kg bags. Nutritional Analysis: Protein 19% Oil 10% Fibre 3.5% Ash 6%

Product Features

  • An appetising chicken based diet
  • Formulated to improve stamina, scenting ability, and quick recovery from a busy day
  • Nutritional support for healthy teeth and gums
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat

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3 Responses to Chudley’s Classic Dry Mix 15 kg

  1. whitbylad says:

    A good brand at a low price In our household we have two approaches to buying dog food; my wife goes high end and I go budget. I tend to think the high end foods are overpriced whereas the cheap stuff that I have bought in the past makes our dogs smell a bit and probably does not really satisfy their nutritional needs.I actually came across Chudleys dog food via the rabbit food they do, Rabbit Royale, and if you ever see a bag of that it looks like such a natural product full of identifiable pieces of…

  2. angmilne says:

    Chudley’s Classic

  3. Teach says:

    Good product and price