Chew Resistant Pet Heat Pad Electric blanket for Dog Cat – Snuggle Safe Warming Mat Bed Warmer (X-Larger 65×40 cm)

•Turns any pet bed into a heated pet bed
•Low-voltage operation for safety
•Durable 2.7 m cord with chew protector
•CE RoHS Listed
•1 Year warranty
•IP67 Waterproof prevent any chance to get wet

Add soothing heat to any pet bed! This Pet Bed Warmer provides gentle heat and can be used with any pet bed that measures at least 65×40 cm, indoors or out! Plugs into any standard outlet and supplies a safe 12 volts to the heating element.

This pet heating pad is recommended for use with pet bed. Leaving the pad in the open air will allow the heat to dissipate. When your pet lays on the pad the trapped heat will build up to a presetting temperature and this heat pad does not get hot. With low and safe voltage, slow heating pad since the heat will be dissipated very fast in winter, you may not feel the heat by hand-touch. However as long as your dog, cats and other pets lie on the pads for about 10 minutes, the pad will reach the temperature you set. It can meet different pet demand for the temperature.

Small: Diameter 11.8″/30cm
Medium: 15.8×11.8″ / 30×40cm
Large: 19.8″×19.8″/50×50cm
X-Large: 25.6×15.8″/65×40cm
Cord Length: 1.5 m adapter cord + 1.2 m chew-resistan cord

Package Included:
1 x Electric Heat Pad with Cover
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • 「Smart Temperature Control Thermostat Protection System(TPS)」100% ensure the safety of your pet. The TPS will automatically power off when it arrived your presetting temperature and will turn on when the temperature is lower than your presetting
  • 「Waterproof & Moisture-proof & Chew Resistant Cord」Durable weather-tight sealed heating pad inserted thermostat, made of heating resisting and excellent heat conducting material, with chew resistant cord, long-lasting, anti-electric shock
  • 「Low Power Consumption」Can work around the clock. Almost 33-hour use only consume 1 kWh. Using only 30 watt current while providing plenty of warmth for your pet without depleting your energy savings
  • 「7 Level Temperature Setting Modes」25°C to 55°C meet different needs and pets. Setting temperature for pet should refer to the local environment in order to avoid sluggish and hair loss because of too-high temperature
  • 「New Upgrade Heating Pad for your Dogs and Cats」Come with Soft Coral Velvet Cover, efficiently preserve heat. Suitable for senior pets, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets. Bring warmth and care to pets during winter

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2 Responses to Chew Resistant Pet Heat Pad Electric blanket for Dog Cat – Snuggle Safe Warming Mat Bed Warmer (X-Larger 65×40 cm)

  1. Dr. BC says:

    A good quality, small electric pet pad I wanted a small electric blanket for my cat’s bed. At night, she gets cold and I wanted to get something to keep her warm. This is perfect. On full power, it heats up quickly and as soon as she’s on it and in her bed, she won’t leave until the morning. The mat is made from a soft velvety material and feels nice, although I can’t comment on how waterproof it is. My cat does use her claws on it though and it’s stood up to that with no problems. The cover also zips off so you can wash it if you…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our two Russian Blues absolutely love this. We had a radiator cat bed a few years ago that they loved but it didn’t hold its shape for very long so I never bothered to buy another one. I thought we’d give this a go mainly because of the flexibility of placing it wherever I wanted. It’s very easy to use and warms up very quickly. They use it regularly and we’re really happy we got this for them, especially in the winter. I find the best setting for them is about 25-35C. When we have…