Catsan Hygiene Litter – 20 L

Catsan Hygiene Litter has been manufactured for the hygiene and comfort of your cat, whilst reducing odours around the house.

Product Features

  • Odour protection
  • Highly absorbent
  • Hygienic

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3 Responses to Catsan Hygiene Litter – 20 L

  1. A. Scribe says:

    An end to litter tray woes Catsan has always been a terrific litter (if a little dusty), but the smart pack is nothing short of genius. Simply place the pack in the litter tray, unroll the blue elasticated liner and stretch over the rim of the litter tray. The litter is already contained in the liner and beneath it is the absorbent pad. If you have a covered litter tray, as I do, simply replace your lid and it’s good to go. Installed in seconds. My cat took to it immediately and, best of all, there appears to be no odour…

  2. Amazon Fanatic! says:


  3. Lorna H says:

    This stuff is brilliant Recently tried this as just acquired two 9 month old kittens who were trashing their litter tray every day.Easy to use – just open and unroll. It’s very deep so gives the little kitties plenty to use. The liquid just disappears and by scooping any solids, our first attempt stayed in good order for 5 days. The only smell is when they have just paid a visit and this goes very quickly if dealt with immediately.Just pull on the drawstrings and bag to remove -…