Cat’s Best ÖkoPlus Wood Pellet Litter 20 LITRE/11 Kilogram

Cat’s Best Öko Plus
Cat’s Best Öko Plus is a granule cat litter. The granules are made from organic fibres, which come from fir and spruce wood. The granules can absorb liquids up to seven times their own volume. Unpleasant smells are immediately contained in the interior of the litter. This litter lasts longer than other litters, which means that you have to clean the litter tray less often. Cat’s Best Öko Plus is biodegradable and compostable.
Key Benefits
Absorbs up to seven times its own volume
Locks in unpleasant smells
Without artificial or chemical additives

Cat’s Best ÖKo Plus is available in bags of 10 litre (4.3 kg), 20 litre (8.6 kg) and 40 litre (17.2 kg).

Product Features

  • Made from 100% pure organic fibre
  • Binds liquid and odour effectively inside the fibre and boasts up to 3 times higher yield than mineral-based cat litters
  • Compostable
  • 100% biodegradable

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3 Responses to Cat’s Best ÖkoPlus Wood Pellet Litter 20 LITRE/11 Kilogram

  1. WingD says:

    Best litter yet When searching for the ideal cat litter, my requirements have always been the following: It must clump, it must be easy to clean, not dusty, it must not track, it must help control the odour and it must be fine enough for my kittens to scratch because my ginger tom LOVES to scratch about in the litter box after doing his business.I have tried my fair share of cat litter now and must say that I don’t think it will get any better than this. Don’t get me wrong, this cat litter isn’t PERFECT,…

  2. Us 2 says:

    Oh, we’re completely sold on this stuff!!! Ok … perhaps getting excited over cat litter is a little random, but … this stuff is awesome.Declump it and flush in the morning, top it up a little … get back from work, declump again and top up a little. What could be easier? NOTHING.It kills smell (sometimes smells a little like wet sawdust), it lasts for ages and its light. To give you an idea, we have had a bag of this for 2 full weeks and we’ve only used (almost) half of it … and when you consider that we…

  3. Pippistrella de Belfry says:

    Bargain price for brilliant product 🙂 Love this litter! Had to resort to a previous litter as I ran out, noticed “catty” smells within a couple of days 🙁 This product is brilliant, I have 2 Bengals, and the 30 litre size of this lasted me SIX months! It may seem expensive when you purchase it, but it works out to be extremely economical, and it works!Also like the fact that it’s so lightweight, and if you want to, you can dispose of this by flushing. Never notice any smells with this, and the cats are happy with it,…