Caldex Bottle Cover for Classic Bunny Bottle, 600 cc

Reduces algae and bacteria growth. Provides coller water in hot weather and reduces the risk of freezing in winter. Manufactured from neoprene. Snug bottle fit. Helps regulate water temperature. Fixing wire included.

Product Features

  • Cover to fit classic large (600ml) bottle
  • Helps to regulate water temperature
  • Reducing freezing in winter & cooler water in hot summer
  • Fixing wire included
  • Reduces algae and bacteria growth

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2 Responses to Caldex Bottle Cover for Classic Bunny Bottle, 600 cc

  1. Anonymous says:

    These covers are ok.In the winter they stop the bottles freezing over completely but the nib of the bottle is still exposed so that freezes over instead – no water for your pet either way. In the summer they just attract the light.Ive tried more expensive ones and they are all the same. They do the bare minimum tbh and either way youll be changing the water everyday in the summer and winter so might as well save some pennies.These work best if you live in a…