Burns Dog Food Weight Control for Overweight or Diabetic Adult Dogs 7.5 kg

Burns Canine High Oats (Diabetic) is higher in natural fibre which is recommended for the over weight or diabetic dog.

Product Features

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Alternative to veterinary and prescription diets
  • Highly digestible
  • Promotes good health and behavious
  • Revisits the traditional way of eating

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3 Responses to Burns Dog Food Weight Control for Overweight or Diabetic Adult Dogs 7.5 kg

  1. J. Walsh says:

    Best dog food To me this is the best holistic dog food I can buy. My doodle has been on it now for 7.5 years and he really still enjoys the biscuits. I bought the overweight one because my Tibetian Terrier has hip problems and having been ‘done’ has a tendancy to put on weight. Being a big dog for his breed also means that I have to keep an eye on his weight as hip problems and fat dog does not bode well.My little pup also really enjoys it although she does spread mouthfulls of it around the…

  2. teresaf says:

    Excellent at controlling my dogs diabetes I bought this food for my diabetic westie, who had been diagnosed 7 months before buying this food from a local pet shop initially. On her previous food her BG levels were still in the high 20’s.Started the switch to Burns 3 days before a curve & several of her tests that day were within a good range.4 weeks later she went in for another curve and the only high reading was her fasting one at 15.5, until her last one of the day which had dropped too low at 3.9 her BG was within…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Working for our yorkies. It’s def working at stopping my two Yorkie’s over eating, one in particular who is a greedy guts. They are very fussy eaters and at first I thought they wouldn’t take to it but they are were fine with it after a few days of just not offering anything else apart from what’s in their dish. They both eat from the same dish and take it in turns they pretty much graze as and when throughout the day. They have done this since pups and it’s just impossible to separate them whilst eating. The female…