Burgess Dog Food Country Value Greyhound Complete Food 15 kg

Product Features

  • Complete dry and nutritionally balanced maintenance diet for adult working and active greyhounds at rest or play
  • A blend of carefully selected proteins provide amino acids for muscle development and growth
  • Cooked cereals provide carbohydrates for energy
  • Vegetable dietary fibre maintains healthy digestion
  • Free from artificial colours

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3 Responses to Burgess Dog Food Country Value Greyhound Complete Food 15 kg

  1. Kipper says:

    DOG FOOD I have a 4 year old saluki lurcher who I rescued tied to a roundabout in deep snow and he was half dead and a walking skeleton. He is now happy, relaxed, healthy and his correct weight. All other dog foods gave him runny stools and bad flakey skin, since he has been on this food he has no more problems and he loves it, never a kibble left in his bowl after eating it. I mix a small amount of warm water in it sometimes, but he prefers it dry, but always ensure he has plenty of fresh water to…

  2. Helsbiggerpicture says:

    Good food, excellent price! My 5 year old Greyhound only finished racing this year and is used to this type of food. She really loves it and is maintaining a healthy, lean body on 15oz per day (the feeding guide on the packet tells you how much to give, based on the dog’s weight). With a few thin fur patches and a touch of dandruff from her life in kennels to deal with, I have begun adding 1 tablespoon of Hemp Seed Oil per day to the food, in order to supplement richer Omega oils. This is working quickly and…

  3. AL FM says:

    Our hound loves it… We have a big 6 year old greyhound, bred for racing but never made the grade, (lazy so and so). We are his second ‘forever home’ and he is much loved and pampered. To cut along story short we tried this after our vet had (incorrectly as it turns out) shown concern over a blood test and recommended a change of diet from the non breed specific dried food we were using. Was amazed how much he took to this as it is a bargain, and importantly (as we greyhound owners know…) his poohs are firm and…