BUNNY BUSINESS Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Heater, 2400 W, Yellow

This well-constructed Dog Dryer is perfect for use in the winter months or after those summer trips to the river with your favourite pet.

A super powerful 2400W motor means you can effortlessly dry damp or wet dogs keeping them warm and healthy and leaving your car and home clean and free of muddy paw marks and splatters on the walls! At a light 6KG the unit is very portable meaning you could easily use it outdoors or in any room of the house.

This dryer comes with a 2.5-meter puncture-resistant, triple reinforced, flexible hose and three nozzles that deliver temperature controlled air to suit any occasion. Adjust between Normal and Warm settings depending on the time of year and the outdoor conditions, and you can also choose between a Normal and High speed setting too, which can be really handy if you have a smaller dog who gets scared by the powerful settings.

An added bonus with this dryer that elevates it above other pet dryers on the market is the incredibly quiet operating noise. At just 50dB at full power it makes sure your pet won’t get spooked by the machine.

The Dog Dryer can also be used for commercial purposes such as a pet grooming shop. The unit has non-slip rubber feet and comes with easy to clean external air filters that can be removed and replaced making it easy to use again and again.

The product was designed in London using latest methods so you can be sure of excellent design and build quality.

Technical Specifications:
Air Speed: 25m/s – 50m/s
Maximum Power: 2400W
Heat: 30 ?C – 70 ?C

Product Features

  • Powerful 2400w pet dryer for comfortable grooming – low noise.
  • Comes with 3 nozzles of different shapes
  • Suitable for professional as well as personal use
  • 2.5-meter puncture-resistant hose
  • Adjustable heat settings from 30ºc – 70ºc

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3 Responses to BUNNY BUSINESS Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Heater, 2400 W, Yellow

  1. Sue Southampton says:

    Brilliant Product This was my first purchase of a used product through Amazon I purchased it because firstly the good reviews, but was a little expensive for what is basically a hairdryer, then i spotted the used one at almost 13 pounds cheaper, i wasn’t worried about it being used as i knew that could mean someone else had it and then changed there mind and sent it back, also i knew i had the option to return it and i know Amazon are brilliant at returning products and refunding! Well it came, when i opened the…

  2. Jessica says:

    This is super sonic and much more powerful that expected

  3. Ali says:

    well made and solid.