Black Heavy Duty Protective Car 2-in-1 Boot and Seat Liner for Dogs / Pets by Aesthetex®

This rear seat and boot protector is extremely durable, the PVC coated oxford fabric is waterproof, protecting your upholstery for years if looked after with c are. They are designed to protect your upholstery or boot from muddy paws, dog hair, walking boots, fishing gear of even the rubbish that you take for recycling. They are available with four securing straps, they are fastened around the headrest posts, the two additional straps if fitted can be used in the back seat to create a hammock, to stop your pet falling into the foot well, by secure th additional straps to the front seat head rest posts. There is a zip in the centre of one edge; this allows the cover to be divided if you have a rear seat passenger and your trusty friend with you.

Product Features

  • – Protects your boot and upholstery.
  • – Attractive design and colour scheme.
  • – 2 slots to allow use of the rear seat belts.
  • – Quickly and easily secured.
  • – Easily packed away when not required.

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3 Responses to Black Heavy Duty Protective Car 2-in-1 Boot and Seat Liner for Dogs / Pets by Aesthetex®

  1. June Doll says:

    Good value and does the job We bought this for our new Nissan Qashqai. We wanted it for the boot as we intended to put our dog in there when travelling. This car has quite a large boot but it covered it well and also protects the back of the rear seats. It was reasonably priced and does the job for which it was bought.. We have put an old dog bed on top of it to make the dog more comfortable. The boot liner can also be used to protect the rear seats by being hung hammock-style over the front and rear seats. This means…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Great value

  3. mcgyver says:

    exceptional high standard