Best Pet Supplies Braided Bully Pet Edible Treat Sticks, 6-Inch, 1-Pound

Best Pet Supplies bully sticks are 100% all natural made from grass-fed, free range bulls in Brazil. Our bully sticks are available in several styles and sizes. You can most likely find some that best suit your dogs’ needs. Bully sticks are natural treats which is high in protein and low in fat. They give your dog(s) the chewing sensations they crave. Bully sticks also helps them to prevent tartar buildup thus promotes healthy teeth and gums. Dogs are like humans they need healthy teeth as much as humans do. However regular bully sticks will carry unpleasant natural odors which will be more appropriate for outdoor or on the yard. We are one of a few companies on the market dedicated to carry odor free and low odor bully sticks. They will have the same benefits to your dogs as the other bully sticks. Moreover they will keep your house away from the odor bully sticks naturally carry. Our bully sticks are categorized in 3 odor levels odor free, low odor and regular. They correspond to absolutely no odor, might have a bit of odor but not noticeable by some distance and carries the natural odor. Moreover, the pound bags are always more valued compare to our other bully sticks in the same category. Although they might be mixed in thickness or length, dogs will still crave the same taste and chewiness.

Product Features

  • Odor Free, No unpleasant smell whatsoever
  • 100% natural made from grass-fed, free range bulls in Brazil
  • Prevent tartar buildup and promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Slow roasted to lock in their natural flavor and chewiness
  • Valued Pound Bags

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