Beco Pets- (Value Pack x 270) Eco-Friendly & Degradable Poop Bag Refills

Beco Bags 270 pack (18 x 15) Degradabke poop bags with recycled cardboard core. Extra large, and super thick

Product Features

  • Degrades in 90- 120 days
  • Extra thick and extra long 33 cm x 22.5 cm
  • Natural and earthy look
  • Heavy duty bear sized bags

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2 Responses to Beco Pets- (Value Pack x 270) Eco-Friendly & Degradable Poop Bag Refills

  1. josie82 says:

    Does what’s needed and helps the environment, too I suppose there are two components to these bags – how they work as poo bags and their environmental credentials.These are ‘regular sized’ poo bags and they fit neatly into the poo bag holder that I already owned. From the first you can tell that they are sturdier and stronger than many other bags out there. I have had issues of pulling bags from the packet only to find them split down the side. I think it would take some serious damage before one of these bags splits or…

  2. Chris from Hampshire says:

    User and Eco Friendly & Good Value There are so many dog poo bags on the market, that it is sometimes a hit and miss process to find ones that are reliable and fit for purpose. These Beco Bags fit the bill.This Review is for the Travel Pack which contains 4 rolls of 15 bags making a total of 60 Dog Poo Bags.I love the packaging with the retro styling and the cute bear holding a tied poo bag! The eye catching packet might even make the kids more keep on cleaning up after the family dog.These…