Beaphar Hairball Paste 2-in-1 for Cats, 100 g

Sherleys Hairball Paste 2 in 1 is an anti hairball remedy which combines 2 actions in 1 tube. Firstly it helps prevent the formation of hairballs. Secondly, it ensures that the hair flows smoothly through the cats intestines, thus preventing intestinal pp

Product Features

  • Helps hairballs to pass smoothly and gently through the intestines
  • Easy to use
  • Tasty and effective
  • Pre-biotic supplement that aids digestion by encouraging a healthy gut-flora
  • Can be given directly on food, or licked off a paw!

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3 Responses to Beaphar Hairball Paste 2-in-1 for Cats, 100 g

  1. Shell says:

    Happy Cat

  2. sofia b says:

    seems to work

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bought this as my cat seemed “hairbally” if you know what i mean. Ha.I squeeze a little out at a time and he licks it straight from the tube, he seems to love the flavour which i assume is beef.He hasn’t done the weird hacky hairball thing since, and I’ve been using it about 3 weeks now.The only thing I can say is be careful where you store this, i had it under my sink which gets quite hot.the oil separates from the paste. I stood above him the other day and…