Beaphar Gentle Leader Small Black

Motivational aid for the management and training of dogs – stops pulling!

Product Features

  • Strong & long lasting
  • Soft weave for comfort
  • Easy to fit
  • Endorsed by leading animal behaviourist
  • Informative training guide

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3 Responses to Beaphar Gentle Leader Small Black

  1. Debz says:

    FANTASTIC! If you have a dog that pulls this is this best cure! OMG I have a ruby cavalier that knows only one pace flat out pulling to get everywhere at once as fast as she can! Put this on and it works! I have literally tried everything and finally I can walk her without my arms coming out of my sockets and her tangling up the other cavvie! She pulls very slightly when in a rush for the park but relaxes every 5-10 seconds, but it is a gentle pull, on the way home it is a steady pace with no pulling. Also she is 5 years old, tried to rub it off initially…

  2. Sarah says:

    Not right for dogs with behaviour issues I’ve always had dogs that pulled on their leash (my fault I know) but our latest, rescue, dog had no socialisation skills and pulled like mad to greet people and dogs, and lunged at passing traffic. Got to the stage where I was getting back home with pulled and sore shoulders and it was horrible walking him. Then I heard this Gentle Leader recommended on TV by the ‘Dog Whisperer’ so thought I’d give it a try. Right from the first time I put it on him he quietened down. It was like having a…