Beaphar Gentle Leader Large Black

Motivational aid for the management and training of dogs – stops pulling!

Product Features

  • Strong & long lasting
  • Soft weave for comfort
  • Easy to fit
  • Endorsed by leading animal behaviourist
  • Informative training guide

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2 Responses to Beaphar Gentle Leader Large Black

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    I have a great dane cross bullmastiff who hasn’t been able to have … I have a great dane cross bullmastiff who hasn’t been able to have much lead training at all thanks to problems with her legs. She can rarely walk more than 15 minutes so by the time she’s calmed down enough to listen to instruction it’s time to go home.This has helped with the pulling along with a shock absorbing lead. It is by no means a tool that makes your dog walk perfectly, and I do find that the lead being under her chin can make it a bit more difficult to control her direction…

  2. Anonymous says:

    My husky pulls and pulls (no suprises there) and within a minute of me putting this on she was walking on a slack lead by my side. Only thing is, while the pulling used to make me feel annoyed as soon as she stopped I missed it because it also communicates to me how excited she is to be walking! I keep this on me for the times I start to get too frustrated but otherwise stick with her standard harness. The other thing is even though this is a humane product and not at all a muzzle, I dont like…