Barking Heads Dog Food Bad Hair Day Lamb and Rice 12kg

Barking Heads Bad Hair Day Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food – 12kg Barking Heads Bad Hair Day with Lamb is a nutritious and delicious canine diet formulated to improve the health and condition of your dog’s skin and coat. With a unique blend of natural and digestible ingredients to nourish and protect from the inside out, whilst promoting the physical condition of your dog through nurtured, reinforced skin and a glossy coat. Bad Hair Day dog food contains a protein-rich formula, including a whopping 51% lamb, vitamins and carbohydrates for complete health. Omega fatty acids will support joints and will enhance the condition and appearance of skin and coat. Barking Heads Bad Hair Day is formulated for all dogs, especially those lacking a luscious coat. What’s in the bag? UK-sourced ingredients that are all-natural, unadulterated and wonderfully nutritious! What’s not in the bag? Nasty artificial things like flavourings, colourings, preservatives and GM ingredients. Ingredients 51% lamb (includes 26% lamb, 20% dried lamb, 3% lamb fat, 2% lamb stock), brown rice, oats, white rice, lucerne, 4% trout, peas, 3% salmon oil, seaweed, tomato, hip & joint care [glucosamine (350mg), MSM (350mg), chondroitin (240mg)]. Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A (17,310 IU), vitamin D3 (1,540 IU), vitamin E (480 IU). Analytical Constituents: Protein (22%), fat (16%), fibre (3.5%), ash (8.5%), moisture (8%), omega-3 fats (1.9%), omega-6 fats (2.8%) Feeding Guide                                                              Weight (kg) Grams per day 25 – 40 325 – 500 40 – 55 550 – 675  55 – 60+ 675 – 725

Product Features

  • Only natural wholesome ingredients
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives – and that’s a promise!
  • Optimal Omega 6 and Omega 3 ration for skin and coat health
  • Proudly made in Britain

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2 Responses to Barking Heads Dog Food Bad Hair Day Lamb and Rice 12kg

  1. Baking Mama says:

    Barking Heads….eaten every time! Had problems in the past with my dog being a fussy eater. We used to have to add wet food or human food to his bowl to get him to eat it. I read lots of reviews and decided to give Barking Heads a go. I contacted the company and asked for some advice on which of their products would be best suited to my dog and they were very helpful and recommended ‘tender loving care’, they sent me a sample bag, which my dog was very enthusiastic to eat! I then subscribed to Amazon to get the best price…

  2. Lissy says:

    my Lab and Welsh spaniel love this food my Lab and Welsh spaniel love this food. The Lab had surgery six weeks ago and has been restricted to two ten minute lead walks a day the weight piled on and reducing his normal food left him hungry. I started him on Barking Heads his weight is reducing and he’s not hungry. the two most important things in his life food and exercise were taken away, thanks to Barking Heads the food problem has resolved his weight falling off. this week he started swimming again. The spaniel was never too keen…