Baby Powder Grooming Spray / Pet Perfume 500ml

A highly fragranced all-over body spray for use with dogs and other pets. Use after a bath for that final touch of fresh, clean smell. Or use at any time to mask bad smells and delay bath time for another day. This spray contains a Baby powder scent. Directions: Spray several pumps over body of animal. Avoid head area and take special care not to get into eyes or mouth. Reapply as desired.

Product Features

  • New non-flammable & non-staining formula
  • Baby Powder Fragrance
  • All over body spray – Not to be sprayed around eyes.
  • Use after or between baths
  • 500ml Atomiser Spray

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2 Responses to Baby Powder Grooming Spray / Pet Perfume 500ml

  1. maureenshirley says:

    my lovely smelly dog.

  2. Michelle Smith says:

    Grooming spray