Aussel 7 Inch Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors Cutting &Curved &Thinning Shears

Pet grooming dog grooming scissors kit, included 3 scissors and 1 grooming comb. You can give your dog shearing with these scissors, to make your dog more cute and distinctive.


1) Material: High grade stainless steel with Electroplating finish, never rust
2) Sharp edge and strong
3) Thumb rest for your convenience

Please note:

1. Please keep it out of children’s touch
2. While using the scissor, must not push the moving scissor with your thumb.
3. Don’t use the scissor to cut the air often.
4. Clean the scissor after using it.

Package Included:

1X 7.0″ cutting scissor
1X 7.0″ Thinning scissor
1X 7.0″ Curved scissor
1X Grooming Comb
1X Leather Scissor Case

Product Features

  • Complete stainless steel construction which is durable, functional and very strong. The curved set is of extreme help when grooming your pet by your own.
  • Grooming your pet at home is made easy by this curved set. It is ergonomically designed to suits all your pet’s grooming needs and requirements. Comes with cutting shear and a thinning shear.
  • The thinning shear made up of stainless steel is of extreme help when minute thinning is required or if there is a need of removing tangles etc.
  • The cutting shear is also made up of genuine stainless steel which is used for heavy cutting purposes such as heavy coats or heavy layers of your pet. It is made sure to be comfortable and nicely weighted for efficient grooming.
  • All the cutting tools come with razor sharp edges which help in the detailing aspect as well. Finishing and shaping of the coats is a breeze to do. The handles and the contours are designed to ensure effortless and easy way of working.

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3 Responses to Aussel 7 Inch Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors Cutting &Curved &Thinning Shears

  1. flumpster87 says:

    Smart, versatile shears These are a good quality set of grooming scissors, including, straight, curved and thinning shears, alongside a good comb. They are well made, with a good weight to them that makes them easy to use, and the are nice and sharp. So sharp in fact that after using them and putting them back in the zipper case the point of one pair of shears went through the holder in the case, so be careful.I used them for our older labs feet, as she doesn’t go for the long walks she used to, so gets a lot…

  2. Mamaof4 says:

    Great Value For Money Well Worth a Purchase As I have two little Lhasa Apso dogs, we seem to forever be at the groomers to get a full shave, I’ve always wanted to be able to keep the main areas maintained myself so when I seen these, knowing they were specifically for grooming I thought I’d give them a try….Aussel advises these are 7inch Professional PET DOG Grooming scissors Cutting & Curved &Thinning shearsPackage Included:1X 7.0″ cutting scissor1X 7.0″ Thinning scissor1X…

  3. Mr D. says:

    Impressive quality, truly sharp In a bid to save money, I groom my dogs myself as they require quite a lot of maintenance. Scissors are key in getting the legs and face looking perfect.I already have several pairs of scissors, these however make those feel blunt, hopefully they are built to last and won’t go blunt after a few uses.The curved scissors are excellent for eyebrows and around the paws, they cut along the entire length of the blade and give a very clean finish.The thinning…